Wild Luchador Slot Review

Wild Luchador Slot Review: RTP 96% (Quickspin)

Are you searching for the Wild Luchador slot review? A rather small subset of slot machines featuring Mexican wrestling is this game. 

Even though Quickspin chose a pretty specialized topic for this game, anyone should still play it even if they haven’t heard of this sport because it’s fun. High volatility is to be expected, but there will also be huge potential winnings.

Summary of Wild Luchador Slot Review

In Wild Luchador, you spin 5×3 reels, and there are 243 possibilities to win in each round. The jackpot has an amazing potential of almost 40,000 times the bet, but the likelihood of winning that much is quite unlikely. But even with severe volatility, RTP is accurate at 96%. 

Expanding wilds, scatters, and free spins with up to 5x multipliers will be the main features. Your luck is only in agen judi slot online.

1. Betting Options

You can trade 30 coins for 243 winning combinations. The coin denomination will change, going from $0.01 to $3, and here is the part that will change. The total amount wagered might range from $0.30 to $90 at the same moment.

The potential of this game is what really stands out. We know that it might go that high since during testing, over a sizable number of spins, they’ve recorded wins of up to 40,557x the stake. 

Naturally, a slot machine with the potential to make you wealthy would also have increased volatility. It will favor a smaller percentage of players and penalize the majority, but with time everything balances out, as the 96% RTP shows.

2. Slot Features

Up to five of the Luchador Wild symbols may show up simultaneously on the reels at any time. When they do this, they simultaneously enlarge and cover the reels they land on. There will be a different Luchador persona on each reel, but they all work as wilds.

The game will award 7 free spins if the Death Clock symbol appears three to five times within a single round. You will receive a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier in this mode, based on how many scatters you received (3 to 5 symbols). In this setting, you’ll notice that Luchador Wilds are occurring a lot more frequently.

As you can see, there aren’t many significant elements in Wild Luchador for you to discover, but the ones that are can be really effective. That is ensured by the multipliers and increasing wilds.

3. Design and Theme

The theme and key symbols of the game were inspired by Mexican wrestling, as we’ve already explained. In actuality, each of the five increasing wilds present inside depicts a distinct Luchador. 

The cartoon figures and items in the graphics are of the highest caliber, and you can make out the crowd gathered around the ring in the backdrop.Symbols featuring skulls, candles, chili, tequila, cactus plants, classic guitars, and royals can also be seen in addition to the growing Wrestlers (going from the 9 to an A).

Our Conclusion

Overall of Wild Luchador slot review, we believe that this game can compete well against games with a similar premise. It has the typical Quickspin high-end graphics and has the potential to award some huge jackpots. High volatility is also to be expected, of course.

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