World War Z vs Left 4 Dead, Who Did It Better?

World War Z vs Left 4 Dead, Who Did It Better?

There is a game with the same title and is admittedly inspired by the film. Honestly, it’s strange for a game set in the same story to be created five years after the film version. However, the game World War Z vs Left 4 Dead has reportedly managed to pocket a lot of players in recent weeks.

This game that carries multiplayer mode has to be recognized by many compared to Valve’s Left 4 Dead game.


• Main Gameplay in Left 4 Dead

In campaign mode, World War Z vs Left 4 Dead, players will be given the option of four episodes of a story setting, which are distinguished by four locations. Starting from New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo. Invite or matchmaking options are available. If you can’t wait for other players, you can start the game with a bot. The difference is that the characters here cannot be ordered to like in Left 4 Dead.

The mission is to survive until the end of the episode by undergoing a number of missions. Each episode consists of three game arenas, the same formula from Left 4 Dead.

Here again, World War Z vs Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead elements are still encountered, including the types of zombies with special attack characters. However, we found several different spices in it, namely Battle. Battle is a kind of battle against waves of hundreds of zombies attacking you.

Players will be asked to last a certain duration. If Left 4 Dead also provides this moment unexpectedly, in World War Z players will be given a one-minute duration to prepare.

You can look for supply drops that contain traps and automatic weapons. These include barbed wire, electric fences, mortar launchers, automatic or manual machine gun turrets. Of course this weaponry has limited ammunition.

• PvPvZ Mode and RPG Element Variants

PvPvZ is a player versus player mode with a zombie attack in the middle of the game. In this multiplayer mode, several gameplay options are given, such as competing for control points, collecting certain items, team death match, and others.

In the midst of your focus on hunting down players from other teams, you also have to stay alert for zombie attacks. This can be a cure for boredom when you have to play campaign mode. All gameplay modes played will be awarded with Supply Points. Supply Points are points earned apart from experience points and also can be used to buy weapons with special accessories including specialization skills.

Skill specialization consists of several types and is different for the campaign mode and PvPvZ multiplayer. Each level will open access to the entire skill tree, but to have these skills must be purchased using Supply Points.

Likewise, with weapons, World War Z vs Left 4 Dead, every time you use a weapon in the game, an experience point will be generated which will unlock all weapon accessories. Of course this affects the strength of the weapon. Each level of weapon accessories that have been unlocked can be purchased with Supply Points and scattered randomly.

• Praiseworthy Graphic Quality

Comparing to Left 4 Dead, the graphics quality of World War Z is still better. Starting from the details, the shadow effect, the explosion, to the body parts of the zombies that were broken down by the swing of the knife or the bullets that penetrated it.

There are several locations that appear with different flavors and the graphics quality presented is not always dark. First is the city of New York with a subway location as a background, second is Jerusalem which presents a battle at night and views of the desert.

The third is the cool atmosphere of Moscow city, and the fourth is the bright and colorful urban settlement of Tokyo.

Here the graphics quality of the World War Z vs Left 4 Dead game is again praised. The movement of the hordes of zombies is shown in great detail how they run and jump to scramble and overlap to form a pyramid trying to climb over the guardrail.

World War Z graphics quality can be configured to Ultra level. The average frames recorded during the game penetrated 74fps with the highest at 133fps.

Want to test the performance of your gaming PC or laptop playing World War Z at Ultra graphic quality, a benchmark feature is available in it. Using this feature, the results show that the installed AMD Radeon RX590 graphics card can support an average framerate of 103fps.


Even though World War Z came too late after the success of the original film and novel plus Left 4 Dead- like gameplay, there is still something to be found.

In terms of graphics, this game deserves thumbs up and the makers realize they have to provide something different from Left 4 Dead in the gameplay. Regardless of the mission that just repeats itself, this game online is still worth playing with friends.

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That’s the present excitement World War Z vs Left 4 Dead by puts aside the point of view of the version.

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