Know The Various Symbols in Slot Machines

Symbols in Slot Machines-The symbols of fruit machine symbol in slots appeared in San Francisco since 1900’s. After being banned the use of Situs judi online for gambling, the new modern Industrial Company came up with the amazing idea of ​​using the machines to sell chewing gum. These were so popular, and the fruits were so easy to spot, that they are still used as symbols today in many land-based and online slot games.

Number of symbols in slot machine

The number of symbols that shown in slot machine ultimately depends on the machine itself. Nearly all standard machines tend to rely on about ten different symbols as a desired maximum. Any more than this odds of getting a few winning combination can be much less likely, driving players away.

Standard reel symbols

These are the symbols that made up nearly all of the scroll offerings. These usually appear as pieces of playing cards, although themed slot machines can be very varies with this appearance.

Wild symbols

Can replace all standard symbols the game offers (usually, spread in a few exception)

Bonus symbols

Similar to spread, bonus symbols can be access to special bonus games, or smaller bonuses in major slot games.


Usually accessible inside bonus games, the multiplier increases the winnings reward by the multiples indicated on the symbol.

Stacked slot symbols Stacked slot symbols

Stacked slot symbols are fundamentally different from a regular slot symbols in that’s why they are not shuffled. In contrast, stacked slot symbols can viewed in large vertical groupings. When this appeared, it means making winning combinations a lot easier, as pay lines can land more efficiently. Usually working with standard symbols, this can also be applied to wild symbols in a few fruit machines.

Moving wild symbols

A special kind of wild that is maintained on top of the reels for multiple time os spins, like a sticky symbol. However, instead of staying in a spot, the moving wild animals can actively change their position on the reels after each spin to gave players more chances to land winning combinations. This is usually given by the bonus feature, which only lasts a certain number of spins or winning combinations before missing from the reels.