Super Massive Infinity Reels Review

Super Massive Infinity Reels Review (RTP 95.86%, Medium Volatile)

Do you need the Super Massive Infinity Reels review to give you an insight of the slot? Don’t worry, we have it in this article. Well, it is the third release from software firm Hot Rise Games, and it is powered by Relax Gaming. 

It’s the studio’s first game that doesn’t use their Hot 1 mechanic, instead depending on ReelPlay’s popular Infinity Reels technology. 

It’s popular among certain creators who can’t get enough of the concept of Infinity Reels. Now it’s up to fledgling studio Hot Rise Games to see if their unique look can wring something intriguing from it.

Super Massive Infinity Reels Review: An Intriguing Slot

Here’s a little backstory to set the scene before we start spinning the reels. Super Massive is inspired by “the universe’s most powerful celestial object, from which not even light can escape.” 

There’s no mention of black holes, but isn’t that what they’re talking about? Super Massive, on the other hand, is said to be a realm where “the laws of space and time are beyond mankind’s comprehension.” The problem is that the rest of the game doesn’t come close to matching the plot.

With a shimmering, pulsing wireframe background that looks like a simplified image of the Hadron Collider or the inside of an atom, Super Massive has a Tron-like aesthetic. The graphics are a tad lackluster after the enormous back story build-up.

RTP and Volatility

The game begins in a 3×3 grid at the start of each paid spin, with at least four matching symbols landing on the first two reels or three matching symbols landing on all three reels paying out. 

Super Massive, which is more fusion than fission, is regulated by a medium volatile math model and has a theoretical return value of 95.86%. The claimed super massiveness may be played on any device, with wagers ranging from 30p to £/€90 every spin.

Paying Symbols

There’s also a mismatch with the symbols in Super Massive, as it’s difficult to equate fruit and horseshoes with the universe’s most powerful objects. Never mind; we get a random assortment of items from low to high, including J, Q, K, A, musical notes, apples, horseshoes, lightning bolts, egg timers, and diamonds. 

A star wild symbol appears on all reels except the first and substitutes for all other pay symbols. 

When wilds appear naturally, they make a copy of themselves that appears two or three reels to the right and is used when additional reels are added to reach them. These duplicate wilds do not generate new duplicates when they are included.

Slot Features

The major feature here is Infinity Reels, which works by adding a new reel to the right-hand side if a win occurs that uses all three reels. 

If the win is enhanced by this new reel, another is added, and so on until the win is no longer improved. Even if there is no winning combination, when scatter symbols appear, another reel will be added.

1. Symbol Multiplier

The symbol multiplier starts at x1 at the start of each gaming round. The symbol multiplier rises by +1 each time a new reel is introduced, with no maximum limit.

2. Free Spins

If you get 6 scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, you’ll get 10 free spins. The Repeating Prize is formed by adding the values of the number imprinted on the activating scatter symbols. 

Scatters have no value during free spins after that, however landing at least five of them offers +5 extra free spins. 

Furthermore, when wild symbols double during free spins, the new copy is awarded the Repeating Prize value. The Repeating Prize is awarded if additional reels are added to reach these duplicate wilds.

In addition, the Repeating Prize value of a newly added reel that lands a wild on top of a duplicated wild position is twice. These doubled wilds also double the number of symbols in any symbol win in which they appear.

3. Feature Buy

Free spins can be bought at a cost of 100x the entire bet. When a spin is bought, 6-10 scatter symbols are made.

Final Conclusion

With all the blarney about celestial objects, space, time, and so on, reading the game sheet was pretty motivating. The reality, though, was far less amazing, and Super Massive got off to a slow start and never really recovered. 

The Hypernova Infinity Reels connotations, as well as the simple visuals, didn’t help matters. Okay, Hot Rise made an attempt to blend the curved game grid with the background and the spinning motion of Infinity Reels, but there’s a reason why curved televisions aren’t as popular as they once were.

Finally, that is our Super Massive Infinity Reels review that you can figure out to play this game at pokerlounge99 slot. Hopefully, you can get your big winnings as you wish. 

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