Red Dog Poker strategy

How to Play and Red Dog Poker Strategy [4 Important Things]

Red Dog Poker is a simple card game that can be found in most casinos. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn Red Dog Poker strategy. That way, you’ll have a better chance of winning!

Red Dog Poker is not to be confused with the traditional card game of poker. The game is known as Red Dog in many casinos.

The order of the cards is the only thing that reminds me of poker: Ace is highest, Two is lowest. Red Dog doesn’t care about the suit of the cards, such as hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs.

How to Play Red Dog Poker 

The game’s rules are straightforward. You play against the bank, Red Dog. Generally, it can be played with a 52-card deck as the standard. You begin by placing your wager. 

In addition, the players will deal with the two cars. You can see these three options. 

1. Two Equal Cards

Do the two cards, for example, two Jacks or two Sevens, have the same value? The dealer then deals another card. If the third card has the same value as the first two, you will be paid 12 times your stake.

You get your bet back if the third card has a different value. Let’s move on to the next round!.

2. Two Consecutive Cards

Do the two cards have the same value, such as a 6 and a 7? Or a King and a Queen? The round will then end immediately, and you will receive your wager back.

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3. Neither Two Cards are Not Equal nor Consecutive

It only gets interesting at Red Dog if the cards are not equal or consecutive.

The dealer indicates the size of the difference between the two cards after opening the cards. The spread is the term for this difference. It’s the number of cards that can be stacked between the first two.

The 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will fit in between the 5 and the Jack if the dealer turns a 5 and a Jack. After that, the spread is 5. The dealer then places a button (disc) on the gaming table’s 5 squares.

You can now choose whether or not to double your original wager. The dealer then deals a third card to the table.

You are out of luck and lose your bet if the third card’s value is not between the first two cards’ values. You lose even if the third card is the same as one of the first two.

You win if the value of the third card is equal to the value of the first two cards. The amount is determined by the size of the spread.

Example A Round of Red Dog Poker

You bet $10 on it. The first two cards are dealt by the dealer. A 5 and a Jack are on the table. There is a 5-point spread.

Before the dealer deals the third card, you have the option to double your bet. Click the RAISE button to double your money. Click the CALL button if you don’t want to double.

Let’s pretend you didn’t double your money. The dealer now deals the third card, which is a 7. That’s the difference between the 5 and the Jack. So you win and get paid twice as much as you bet.

Red Dog Poker Strategy 

At Red Dog, you don’t have to do much other than bet and occasionally decide whether or not to double your bet. What is the most effective strategy? If the spread is 7 or greater, it is best to only double your bet.

Why? With a spread of seven or more cards, the third card has a better than 50% chance of fitting between the first two. A payout of 2x your stake with a chance of more than 50% is a good bet that will, on average, net you money. In all other cases, do not place a second wager.

Red Dog’s Payout 

The payout percentage for Red Dog is 96.8% if you play it online.

That’s a lower payout percentage than roulette (97.3%), but it’s comparable to most online slots. The Immortal Romance and Beach slots, for example, both have a payout percentage of exactly 96.8%. It’s fun to play on Pkv Games and find the ease of gambling.

Now, you already figured out Red Dog Poker strategy. You can play it online or in an offline casino. However, if you are a beginner better play free games to understand how it works.

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