Megaways Jack and The Magic Beans Slot

Megaways Jack and The Magic Beans Slot Machine: Admire The Reign of Nature

Megaways Jack and The Magic Beans slot from Iron Dog Studio gives you a hands-on glimpse into the powers of nature and the seedling circuit as Earth’s future is in doubt. No step is made without the scent of chlorophyll, neither the roots, trees, or leaves. There are geese, cows, giants, and jacks on the game grid. 

You can use it to win up to 25 times your wager in a single spin. To assure big wins, the Scatter offers you free spins, multipliers, and freezing wheels. Up to 25,000 times your initial wager can be won. The Megaways Jack slot machine from the same publisher has been updated with this one.

Theme & Design In Megaways Jack and The Magic Beans Slot 

Flora rules in Megaways Jack and the Magic Beans slot. You are in the realm of Asintmah, goddess of flowers and roots. Long lengths of green, interspersed with plants and trees, may be seen in the distance. These areas are divided by an undulating track that is installed on a hill and appears quite harmless in the face of this intrusive natural environment. 

Only a couple of the mill’s blades may be seen from a distance at the top of the hill. Smaller residences are located closer to the gate. The second house has a golden straw roof, but the first building has a tiled roof. The plants overlap each other on the other side of the grid. Due to their coiled stems and open leaves, they are at ease.

The game grid displays a wooden board, each box of which was created by a cabinetmaker by repeatedly chopping a tree trunk. The table’s contours are created from wood. However, crawling plants that are at ease resting on these walls and are, in essence, nothing more than siblings of the same mother soil alienate them. The cards in this board are in the poker suit J, K, Q, 10, and A. The mother servants, giants, jacks, geese, cows, and geese are on the other side. A golden egg is used to symbolize The Wild. A Scatter is also present.

Win Free Spins 

Six reels on the Megaways Jack and the Magic Beans slot machine can each accommodate two to seven slots. Based on strong volatility, it gives up to 117,649 potential winning combinations. The redistribution rate fluctuates, going from 88% to 96.14% and then crossing 94%. The highest possible payout is equal to 25,000 times the initial wager.

You can take advantage of the game’s regular symbols to achieve this potential. You can receive a reward equivalent to two to twenty-five times your initial wager for a winning combination that includes five matching coins. Since it can substitute any symbol in a combination with only one intruder, the wild symbol can be a huge aid to you in this situation.


A function that can bring you closer to this lavish potential can also be activated by the unique Harp symbol. When it does, you can be certain that you will profit from both normal and traditional symbols as well as Wilds. However, this feature initiates a system with a multiplier during free spins:

  • Additional multipliers, additional free spins, stuck coils, and an additional wheel are all possible.
  • Only high value symbols are present in the grid; high value symbols take the place of other symbols.
  • After the bonus rounds are over, the Harp automatically goes wild.

Only, it is necessary to first disable the functionality of the free tours. You must align 4 scatters for this. The Scatter only appeared on Bobbins 2, 3, 4, and 5. Once all four scatters are lined up, you win a pack that may or may not include a specific number of multipliers, free spins, blocked bobbins, and the frequency of the harps.

Additionally, Megaways Jack and the Magic Beans slot offers the option to purchase certain features:

  • You are entitled to multiplicators, free tours, barred bobbins, and harps when your initial stake is 100 times that amount;
  • 160x gives you the right to 8 free turns accompanied by a multiplier, free turns, and a harp; 200x gives you 8 free turns as well as a multiplier 4x, blocked wheels, and harps.

Only, the free spins feature must first be activated. 4 Scatters must be lined up for this. The Scatter only shows up on the second through fifth reels. Once all four scatter symbols are lined up, you win a pack that may or may not include multipliers, bonus rounds, blocked reels, and harp frequency.

Additionally, Jack and the Magic Beans offers the option to purchase the following features:

  • You can receive multipliers, free spins, locked reels, and harps by wagering 100 times your initial wager;
  • 8 free spins with a multiplier are awarded when you wager 160x; 8 free spins, a 4x multiplier, locked wheels, and harps are awarded when you wager 200x.

Final Word

Flora dominates Megaways Jack and The Magic Beans Slot. You are in the domain of the flower and root goddess Asintmah. In the distance, there are likely long stretches of green with various plants and trees interlaced. In the face of this obtrusive natural environment, these spaces are separated by an undulating track that is constructed on a hill and seems very harmless. Try more thrilling game on Situs Slot Mantap303.

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