Little Gem Slot Review

Little Gem Slot Review (RTP 96.70%, Medium Volatility)

Are you searching for the Little Gem slot review? This game is a strikingly bright slot from Pragmatic Play and affiliates Reel Kingdom, so lower your phone’s brightness down for this one. 

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but when a game with Reel Kingdom’s name on it arrives on the desk, a sense of dread often sets in. 

The studio has a history of creating games that are as bizarre to look at as they are to play. Little Gem exceeded all expectations in terms of visuals, but in terms of gameplay, it was a nightmare to go through.

Best Little Gem Slot Review

Have you ever watched a fashion show when models swan down the runway in progressively bizarre outfits and wondered who would wear it? 

When the ocular attack began, Little Gem became like that. It’s a three-reel game with precious stones and Xs on the reels, with a bluey-purple aurora borealis effect glittering in the background. 

Fairly, despite the abundance of diamonds, stars, and gleaming lights, the sound effects are surprisingly low-key, providing little aural enjoyment. To compensate for Little Gem’s stillness, players who love pulsating music after earning a classic slot machine hit will have to turn on their favorite hard house playlist.

1. Volatility and RTP

When a winning line appears, a short jingle plays, although it won’t happen often because the game has a hit frequency of 1 in every 20 spins. Only three-of-a-kind winning lines are achievable, and there are only five preset paylines across which to land combos. 

The default RTP is rather high, so there is a level of balance here, with a value of 96.7%, while there is a less desirable version of Little Gem with a value of 95.65%. The game’s volatility is rated as medium (4 out of 5), and stake levels range from 5 cents each spin to £/€250 at the highest.

2. Paying Symbols

The majority of the pay symbols are polished stones, with a few random slot icons thrown in for good measure. Xs, hearts, orange gems, blue gems, stars, green gems, pink gems, BARs, and diamonds are the lowest to highest value pay symbols. A winning line is worth 4x the wager up to 50x the bet if you get it right. 

For the time being, one more regular sign is the wild symbol, which can substitute for any pay symbol and extends vertically to fill all positions on its reel when it can help make a win. Diamonds are valued the same as wild wins.

3. Game Features

Little Gem’s main feature is its Hold & Win bonus round, as the name suggests. Gold and silver Money symbols may occur exclusively on the middle reel, with each one worth 1x to 20x the total wager. 

The Hold and Respin bonus round is initiated when three Money symbols appear on the screen. The three triggering Money symbols remain on the reels when this feature is enabled, but all other symbols fade away.

A total of four respins are awarded, and new Money symbols that land lock into place, as well as the spin counter being reset to four. Diamond Money symbols may appear on reels 1 or 3 during respins. 

The value of these symbols ranges from 100x to 500x the entire bet. When the number of respins reaches zero, the feature expires and all Money symbol values are awarded.

Final Results

Reel Kingdom is known for releasing weird slots, but this time they’ve really excelled themselves. It’s interesting how one of the more showy, look at me, games we’ve seen recently has such empty gameplay. 

The low hit rate can result in long stretches of dead spins, which, when combined with the lack of music, can be excruciatingly boring to endure. Symbol values aren’t horrible, so when a win emerges from the muck, it’s almost like discovering an oasis in the desert.

However, the top return value is reasonable, indicating that there is a state of equilibrium. In any case, will players queue up to play this game in order to partake in a weird exercise in bookkeeping? Well, that is our Little Gem slot review that you can figure out at slot gacor site.

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