how to win jackpot on wizard of oz slots

Best 3 Tips How to Win Jackpot on Wizard of Oz Slots

You must be looking for the tips on how to win jackpot on Wizard of Oz slots. There’s no need to accept small-fry victories when you can win big money to raise your credit pool. After all, the goal of casino gaming is to win big or leave. 

It’s time to increase your stakes by going after the big wins in the most calculated manner. The last thing you want to do is place overly risky bets that could wipe out all of your credit savings at once.

Tips on How to Win Jackpot On Wizard of Oz Slots

Making big bets can be quite frightening, particularly if you’re unsure of whether you’re betting the right amount or not. Any gambling game has risks, but keep in mind that you can always earn more credits later on, even if you lose all of your money after a string of unlucky spins. 

You might consider these losses as necessary rest stops on your arduous journey to the 100 billion credit milestone. Once you reach that point, you are no longer constrained by the need to make a profit and are free to play however you please.

*Small Tips: Find out jackpot payouts in slot pay tables

The 5% Rule

The first one of how to win jackpot on Wizard of Oz slots, the five-percent rule states that your total bet can never exceed 5% of your total credits. This guarantees that you will always have 20 spins remaining before going broke; unless you’re having a really bad day, one of those spins will almost certainly result in a significant jackpot win. 

The main goal of this rule is to increase the value of your winnings after taking the risk into account. Betting more could speed up your losses because you’ll have fewer opportunities to spin and, as a result, fewer opportunities to get any significant wins during that time. You can use this tip while playing the best Pragmatic Play slots.

Choosing the Stage

You’d be surprised to learn that the venue makes a huge difference in your chances of winning. The minimum bet you can place on a stage is typically limited, but the maximum number of credits you can wager is solely based on the level of your account. 

Unfortunately, this way on how to win jackpot on Wizard of Oz slots is also true that the prize pools for the lower stages are a little bit smaller than those for the higher stages. But hey, beggars can’t be picky; if you’re in a losing streak, there’s no way around accepting small winnings until you can get back on track.

Knowing When to Quit

The most crucial skill you must develop is knowing when to give up. Losing all of the in-game credits doesn’t seem like such a big deal because they aren’t actual money. Starting with no credits, however, can be a hassle because it will constantly reduce the number of spins you can have during a gaming session. 

It can become very frustrating when you are losing a lot of credits, so quitting early will help you reset your mental state as well as your chances of winning the next time you log in.

Final Thoughts

Be aware that the minimum bet is frequently not recommended if you’re playing for the jackpot because higher bets are preferred to get more chances of winning. Because of how to win jackpot on Wizard of Oz slots, none of the aforementioned guidelines are applicable to such a crucial objective. 

Most players either go bankrupt or significantly increase their wealth at this point. If you don’t want to experience that overwhelming feeling of being dissatisfied, make sure you are prepared for what you are about to do both mentally and financially before you dive in.

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