The Reason Why Gambling is Haram in Religion

The Reason Why Gambling is Haram in Religion

Islam is a religion that has many followers in Indonesia. This is what makes Islam the largest religion in Indonesia.

The prohibitions and commands that exist in Islam have been regulated through the Qur’an, including gambling.

Of course, this is not without reason the Qur’an says that gambling is haram, because gambling has a lot of negative impacts that can make a person destroyed.

Gambling has more negative effects than positive effects. Or even arguably there is no positive effect at all given by gambling. We can see for ourselves that no one becomes successful or rich just because of gambling.

On the contrary, we can see that many people are devastated by gambling. That is why gambling is haram for Muslims. Islam really loves its people and keeps it from being destroyed

Scholars from all over the world also agree that gambling is haram and should be avoided by all Muslims around the world. They firmly stated that they were ready to fight the gambling that was circulating.

Not only the ulama were actually willing to fight the gambling, but of course there was also a government from Indonesia who was ready to fight against the gambling. Even give very severe punishment for those gamblers.

Besides gambling is haram in religion, gambling is also prohibited by the government. The government has officially issued a law for gamblers to provide a deterrent effect to the perpetrators.

The government has also created a law against gambling which is useful for the government’s seriousness in eradicating gambling circulating in Indonesia.

Because as we know there are a lot of gambling circulating in Indonesia today including: domino gambling, online slot games 138 ,poker gambling and several gambling games. Things that is very dangerous for the people


Gambling is haram in Islam, this is clearly stated in the hadith and the Koran which are used as sources of law that apply to Muslims. Therefore, it is certain that a gambler who consciously gambles after knowing the law will certainly get a big sin, and of course Allah S.W.T does not like someone who violates the prohibition.

For us Muslims, of course, it is an obligation to stay away from the prohibitions written in the Qur’an because the Qur’an is a source of law for Muslims. The punishments listed in the Koran are also not playing games for gamblers.

Stop gambling from now on because gambling is something that is against the law, whether it’s a law in religion or law in a country. You will be punished in this world as well as in the hereafter if you continue to gamble.

Of course the punishment that will be obtained in the hereafter is much heavier than the punishment in this world today.

Using your precious time as well as you can, and for something else that is of course more positive is your way to start quitting gambling. Always remember and understand that gambling is haram in religion.

Therefore, as a Muslim, you will definitely abstain and be humiliated if you are involved in any gambling.