How to Win at Slot Machines

How to Win at Slot Machines

How to win at slot machines – Ever tried winning at slot machines?  You know the rules all too well.  Yet, there is something missing when you play the slots. 

That is, when you go to play judi slot, you are clueless about the outcome of the spins.  The outcome of the spins is what determines if you win, lose, or go to the ATM.

How to win at slot machines. Catch is, there are seven possible outcomes when you spin the reels of the slot machines.  Not only that, there are only two or three distinct possibilities for each of the spins. 

So the outcome of the round is pure math.  It doesn’t have to be in any specific outcome.  The question is do you want to guarantee? The odds of the spin of the slot machines are as close to even as possible?  The answer is no. 

How to win at slot machines? The question is about the odds. Whether or not the payout will be greater than the risk of spinning the reel.

Understand the Odds to Enter the Game

The casinos are out to make a profit.  The odds are always in their favor.  The only way in which you can beat the odds is to enter in to the game. With the understanding that the odds are not always in your favor. 

Understanding the odds will give you the edge. Since the decisions you make will be based on a knowledge of the odds.  There are no hard and fast rules. 

How to win at slot machines. When you gamble, you will hear stories of winners going to the movies. Saving their money, and going home with a great deal of money. 

It sounds so good. But when you hear of the losers, you can only wonder.  What people don’t know is that gambling deficits have a way of marking their money.

You should never touch a slot machine that has just hit a jackpot on the last spin.  Seen for the first time this is a sucker bet.  The odds are in the house’s favor and not yours.

Slot Coupons for the Game

How to Win at Slot Machines

Another sucker bet is the use of slot coupons.  Slot coupons allow you to take back your lost money.  Some casinos give back as little as half of the money you put into the machine. 

Not all coupons are created equal.  If you are making a comparison of coupons, you should make sure you get a print out of all the coupons you have. has a free printable list of all the machines with varying discounts. 

Look at all your tickets.  Now it’s time to compare.  If you see a coupon for a game you have already played, you should buy that game.  Don’t miss out on the savings.

Do you buy the same number of cards for every game you play?  Well, why not?  Let’s say you enter 100 games.  Each game requires 100 credits.  That’s still 1,000 credits you could have available to play. 

Now say you only played 10 games.  Each game should only cost either 100 or 200 credits.  Now you have to go to300 credits.  Do you buy 100 credits at $1,000 and $200 credits at $ 1000? 

If you do you will have to pay $1,000 to the casino and will have to play 1000 credits. Which may end up being $30,000, instead of 100 credits, which might only be $100. 

Although this may be true, if you only buy 100 credits. You MIGHT be able to play 100 credits, at a 100 credit table, before you bust.  Although it is better to play lower stakes, you never know if you will win. 

Fund Your Account

This strategy is about using the casino’s money to fund your online gambling.  The only problem with doing so is that you essentially lend them your money to gamble with.  There are a number of ways to fund your online gambling. 

The most common of these is a credit card buy-in.  This may be fine for smaller games. But if you are playing higher stakes or are looking to make an initial deposit. You should look at other ways to fund your account.

Another acceptable way of funding your account is credit card pay online. Enter your credit card number, and you will be credited with whatever you paid in your account. / Dy

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