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Do you want to download song Middle of The Night Elley Duhe? It is a very poetic song, yet one whose highly metaphorical wording does not hide the reality that it is a love ballad. That is, any adult would understand what it means when the vocalist, as in this case, is essentially urging the addressee to visit her “in the middle of the night.”

To be clear, this post isn’t anywhere close to being NSFW, unless you consider phrases like “wash over me like a hurricane” to be too sensitive for the general public. Indeed, “Middle of the Night” appears to have been influenced by one of those romance novels in which the purpose is to continually allude to sex in a creative, and may we say female-friendly manner.

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Elley Duhé collaborated with Rmans and Andrew Wells on the composition of this song. Wells was also the film’s producer.

“Middle of the Night” does not appear to have charted when it was first released. It did, however, appear to attain TikTok virality in late 2021. You can listen to and download this song on mp3 juice

About Elley Duhe

Elley Duhé is an American singer-songwriter who was born on February 14, 1992. She was raised on the Gulf Coast in the small villages of Vancleave, Mississippi, and Dauphin Island, Alabama, after being born in Mobile, Alabama.

Her musician father and uncles, who work in the New Orleans music scene, influenced Duhé.

Her Biography

Elley started performing in coffee shops at the age of 15 after her father gave her her first guitar when she was 14. 

She progressed to paying gigs in bars, restaurants, and private parties, gaining enough exposure to be booked to open for national acts and connect with songwriters in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Austin, where she spent three years honing her craft after dropping out of high school and getting her GED. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Her duet with techno musician Tarro, “Millennium,” was launched in October 2016 and has received over two million views on YouTube and 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

Her song “Immortal,” which Billboard premiered in December 2016, has 4.5 million Spotify streams and nearly a million YouTube views since its release. 770,000 Spotify streams were added thanks to a remix by DJ duo Snakehips.

In July 2017, she released her follow-up single “Fly,” which featured production by ILLA and Cool & Dre (Christina Milian, Lil Wayne). In July 2018, she released the single “Happy Now” with Russian-German music producer Zedd.

“Tie Me Down,” her joint duet with Gryffin, was released on August 3, 2018. Her EP Dragon Mentality was released on August 10, 2018.

Elley Duhe Songs

Here are some of the best Elley’s song that you can listen to: 

1. Happy Now feat. Zedd

Zedd’s songs have been hit or miss in recent months. But, following the huge success of ‘The Middle’ and ‘Stay,’ all eyes and ears are on what he’ll do next. 

He delivers a lively indie-pop meets EDM feel on “Happy Now,” which is radio and chart friendly. It’s a song that develops on you with each listen and will eventually get stuck in your mind.

2. Love Me Hard

It  is a powerful pop single that delves further into what true love entails than the fairytale fantasies we all have in our heads. 

Elley Duhé explained on her Instagram page that the song is also dedicated to her parents, who have been married for almost 30 years and have thus experienced all of the ups and downs that a relationship entails while still continuing strong.

Listen and download song Middle of The Night Elley Duhe to enjoy the song. You can also listen to her other songs to feel her voice in your ears!