CherryPop Slot Demo

CherryPop Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Volatility RTP

CherryPop Slot Demo with a fruit motif, is the third game from independent developer AvatarUX to leverage their robust PopWins feature. PopRocks and WildPops, the first two in the line, had a strongly Eastern vibe about them, ranging from noir to fully Asian.

The third variation, a traditional fruity indulgence, goes back to its gambling roots. A seriously expandable grid, a ton of vintage symbols, free spins, and, like the previous two, enormous potential are all to be expected. CherryPop is the sexiest product in the lineup thus far in terms of appearance. The slot, which has three rows and five reels by default but can expand up and down when features are active, is surrounded by a blazing pink frame.

A fuzzy background in the colors of purple, blue, and pink is seen behind the grid. This design is reminiscent of the Avatar UX. The design is nevertheless pleasingly tidy, yet the phrase “basic” comes to mind. The soundtrack completes the look. Sadly, there was no Zoot Suit Riot, but there was some mellow 80s techno that added to the upbeat atmosphere.

The game’s statistics stand out, such as the RTP, which isn’t great but is above average at 96.2% and is playable from 20 cents to £/€40 per spin. With winnings emerging roughly every five spins (a hit rate of 22% officially), the action also moves along very quickly. When they do, however, don’t count on too many substantial rewards in the base game. CherryPop Slot Demo certainly fits the bill for the notoriously high volatility of PopWins slots.

The main rule is that a payout only occurs when three or more adjacent matching symbols from the first or fifth reel are present. Technically speaking, there are 243 ways to win in default mode, but since the game pays both ways, this is effectively doubled to 486 ways to win. Some designers may have stopped there, but Avatar UX isn’t a studio that takes shortcuts.

Let’s take a quick look at the paytable before finding out what CherryPop Slot Demo is capable of when it presses the gas. A smaller configuration of the slot may become crowded by the 13 pay symbols that are present.

10-A royals are the lowest paying symbol on the paytable, followed by cherries, grapes, melons, oranges, horseshoes, clovers, bells, and oranges. Up to 15 times the stake for five cherries are available for non-royal values. Remember that cherries only show up during free spins or pops.

CherryPop Slot Demo: Features

In a snapshot, it may appear to be a fairly standard, albeit shiny, classic fruit slot, but the features make it clear that this is no ordinary fruity game. The PopWins feature is the main element of the game, and it is complemented with free spins and the bonus purchase, as you may expect if you’ve played the first two slots.

PopWins is activated after each hit. When this occurs, winning symbols are removed from the game board, and two new symbols are placed in each empty space on the screen. Reels are expanded to accommodate them, reaching a height of up to 6 rows in the base game because there are more symbols than there were previously. The process goes on until there are no more winners, and successive wins are possible with the new symbols. The reels are reset after that.

5 free spins are awarded if all 5 reels enlarge to a height of 6 rows. Players do have the option to wager their spins on the Gamble Wheel prior to the bonus game beginning, though. In either case, you’ll return to the main game empty-handed. Winning bets can net you up to 16 free spins.

By adding a progressive win multiplier that starts at x2, free spins boost the ante. Every PopWin has an unlimited +1 boost multiplier. Like in the base game, the reels also expand in PopWins. Now, however, reels can be as tall as nine rows.

The win multiplier increases by three when all of the reels are nine rows high. Additionally, from that point forward, each PopWin raises the multiplier by +4 rather than +1. When you take into account the pay both ways, there are 59,049 ways to win on a full 9-row grid.

Reels do not completely reset after a spin without a PopWin; instead, they return to the height of the shortest reel. A bonus buy option is the only new feature left. You will simply be granted immediate access to the bonus for a cost of 75 times the stake.

CherryPop Slot Demo: Verdict

CherryPop Slot Demo is one of the three PopWins slots that have been revealed so far, and it sort of falls between the other two. Why do we mean that? The first one, though, was quite erratic, either going nowhere or launching into orbit after extremely drawn-out win sequences. Additionally, it has the most potential. The second, WildPops, is less brutal and reduces potential while introducing haphazard wild lifelines to keep the action moving.

Consequently, we arrive at CherryPop Slot Demo, which is harsher than the second but more forgiving than the first. You do miss WildPops’ random wild feature, and if you have trouble landing free spins, CherryPop’s base game can get a little monotonous.

Despite being presented attractively for a fruit slot, the generic theme doesn’t help. CherryPop’s buy feature, which lets you completely skip the fighting in the base game, may make it more alluring than the competition.

It basically depends on how you feel about the PopWins mechanic whether you like CherryPop Slot Demo. Being in a base game slump might be exhausting because no other modifiers are active. Though the potential for lengthy, drawn-out scenes is tremendous, get it going and settle in.

Expanding reels remain entertaining, and the addition of a pay both ways method further intensifies the chaos. If you do manage to wind CherryPop up, where winnings of up to 99,846 times the stake are attainable, rewards are definitely no problem.

AvatarUX demonstrates that the classic/fruit slot genre has plenty of room for additional innovations. CherryPop is a style that suits to bp77 slot players who are in the mood for it and has an unusual mechanic and strong stats. CherryPop is overall incredibly straightforward, which makes it simple to spin the wheel or press the bonus buy button yet another time.

CherryPop Slot Demo appears to be the most common, approachable PopWins mechanic so far, and it has some intriguing potential. Nevertheless, despite the enjoyable gaming, it doesn’t seem like Avatar UX has yet fully capitalized on the mechanic.

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